The contrast is a characteristic composition of medieval literature, in which a dispute was held between allegorical figures and personifications of abstract concepts (for example: an angel and the devil, the soul and the body, winter and summer, the rose and the violet, and so on).

Taking my cue from this, I created the series of images by inserting different dialogues within them, a series of antagonistic relationships that intertwine in search of a harmony that only the balance of opposites can generate.

The work plan:

Technical contrast: use of 3D software to create traditional photographic images, a virtual world that appears as real.

Visual contrast: use of black and white, to symbolise the shadows and lights of our existence.

Cube/Characters contrast: the characters try to move, gesticulate and fidget but are stuck in parallelepipeds to indicate that we are never completely free even if we think so.

Contrasting characters: Man/Woman; Young/Alder; White/Black; Beautiful/Brutty; Thin/Fat; Life/Death.

Note that in the last image, “life drive” and “death drive” aka Eros and Thanatos (Life/Death), the skeleton is the only “character” not stuck in the cubes, signifying that only death will free us from the constraints of life.